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RushFiles - Secure File Sync and Share

Confidently Share Your Data with Customers and Partners

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Secure Corporate File Sharing Made Easy


RushFiles makes it easy to access and securely share your sensitive corporate data. No matter when or where you are, or even which device you are using. RushFiles empowers users to safely View, Edit and Share any files

  • Share Files Anywhere To send files on unsecure consumer solutions and clumsy FTPs are now a thing of the past. RushFiles is a Quick, Easy and Secure way to conduct corporate file sharing

  • Access Data Anytime No need for VPN as RushFiles gives users secure encrypted access to their corporate data when needed – even when there is no Internet connection available

  • Work on Any Device Work how you want. Mac, PC, Web or Mobile – RushFiles offers instantaneous secure Access, Edit or Share from any device

You’re in Control


Share highly confidential documents or sensitive persondata. The RushFiles permission and reporting subsystem enables you to manage and differentiate access to your corporate files

  • Individual Permissions The differential permission including Read-Only and Read/Write enables administrators to specify exactly which users have access to which business data

  • Remote Wipe Any Device If users switch or lose devices, all it takes is a click of a button to securely wipe the encrypted data on those devices

  • Enterprise-Grade Safety RushFiles combines the ease of use from well-known consumer cloud sharing solutions, with powerful enterprise-grade security – protecting you from security policy breaches

Instantly See What’s Happening


Administrators always know when anyone Edits, Deletes or Uploads documents, and you can even receive extensive activity reports helping you to verify that everyone is safely sharing your corporate data

  • Who Does What, When See what’s happening, view file activity, search for content across the organisation and centrally manage ownership

  • Centralised Management The centralised web-based management interface makes it easy to get an overview as well as manage Users, Groups and Sharing Rights for the entire organisation – including external users

  • Detailed File and User Reports Generate detailed User, File and Access Reports to ensure company policies and guidelines are being followed

File Server Replacement


Give company users the same Look and Feel as if they worked on a local file server combined with Easy File Sharing and Powerful Enterprise Security

  • File Server Functionality Mapped as a network drive users will experience RushFiles as a Fully Featured traditional local File Server supporting all known File Actions coupled with Easy File Sync and Sharing features

  • TB of Data on Any Devices Due to unique Metadata File Technology companies with large TB File Structures can allow any user to work with all of the corporate data, even on laptops with limited storage options

  • Sync and Share on All Corporate Files Enable all company users to be more productive by giving them Instant Sync and Corporate File Sharing functionality across your entire corporate file structure

We advise
the following groups of customers to use RushFiles

  • Ecommerce companies, top bloggers and all website owners who are at a risk of phishing/malware attacks

  • Any customer who has been hacked before

  • Any website owner who faces risk from CMS or other website upgrades

  • Any customer who wishes to ensure their website is always running and in case of any issues can be easily restored with a click of a button

15 days free trial

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