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Convenient MPKI-service for the centralized management of SSL-certificates

Suitable for all SSL brands acquired
of any company

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Management SSL system

What is MPKI from LeaderTelecom?

MPKI LeaderTelecom — the modern way of managing all your SSL certificates in one place. It is the multipurpose cost-effective instrument to improve the SSL quality of service saving time, money and other resources.


Save up to 30%

Additionally, MPKI clients
can benefit from very attractive prices for SSL certificates.


Rapidssl Symantec Thawte Geotrust Comodo

The smart solution for your

Does your company frequently need SSL?
Too many certificates already to remember and manage?
If so, «LeaderTelecom Managed PKI» is essential for you. We help you
save up to 30% on the costs of certificates and keep them all under control.

Aleksei Ivanov
Founder and Managing Director of “LeaderTelecom BV”


We think global, act local

You need a LeaderTelecom MPKI if

  • you have a large number of domains or subdomains protected by SSL certificates
  • You frequently order, reissue, cancel
    certificates and you need to monitor their life cycle
  • there are in your organisation a large number of staff
    administering the certificates

Why should you choose the LeaderTelecom
«multibrand MPKI?»

  • Issue certificates from various certifying centres in
    one place
  • You are not limited to any particular producer, enabling you to choose the most suitable product
  • Save from 10 to 30% on costs of certificates
  • Be in control of monitoring and managing your current balance prior to ordering new certificates

Saving is easy! Simply purchase MPKI packages

Choose a suitable rate, make the corresponding advance payment, also save up to 30% on costs of certificates

Certificates MPKI Mini MPKI Standard MPKI Large MPKI Maxi
Advance payment $500 $700 $850 $1000
Comodo PositiveSSL $8.00$7.70$7.30$7.00
Comodo InstantSSL $29.00$28.00$27.00$26.00
Comodo EV SSL $128.50$128.00$127.50$127.00
Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL $77.90$77.20$76.40$75.70
Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL $212.00$203.70$195.40$184.00

The table presents the popular SSL certificates, all of which are valid for 1 year. To learn more about the other prices,
Download full price list.

If you are not comfortable working on an advance payment option, pay for certificates as you go and the appropriate category will be allocated according to volume purchased during the year.

Choose the LeaderTelecom MPKI now

MPKI: Easily manage SSL + savings on the price of the certificates.

Do you have any questions? Support call line +31 20 7640722

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