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SSL EV-certificates
for banks

What is most important
for banks?

Data security and customer trust


What ensures that security
and trust?

EV SSL certificate


Bank name


Here is the EV SSL certificate in the browser. Customers see the name of your bank in their browser and know that they are on your website.

Why EV SSL-certificate?

Green address bar


The green address bar - a synonym for security. Customers are confident that they are on your site - they see the name of the bank

Protection against phishing and data theft


Only EV SSL provides maximum protection against phishing and data theft

High customer trust


More and more customers are paying attention to the green line in the browser. For them, it is becoming a synonym for security, and for banks it is a MUST HAVE

Sales growth by


According to studies, EV SSL has a positive effect on sales growth. Sales are growing by 10-40%

Which brand to choose?

Thawte Comodo Geotrust Rapid

75% of all banks in the world choose Symantec*

According Statistic Research By Period

Ideal solution for banks:


Bank name



Symantec EV
SSL certificates



$895 / year

$587 / year

Get the highest levels of trust with the EV
certificate with extended validation and the green
line in the browser

  • Prestigious

  • Reliably

  • Proven solution for banks

  • High customer trust


Choose a different solution

Leaders of American banks are already
using the certificate EV SSL


Leaders of the world's banks also
use EV SSL


Want to buy SSL-certificates at competitive prices? Its easy with LeaderTelecom!

Advantages of working with us

  • Experience. We have accumulated a wealth of experience over 10 years in the industry.
  • Coverage. We offer a wide range of services in the field of SSL certificates and cybersecurity.
  • Clients. Our customers are: AfterLogic, NW-Soft, Comindware, CRM-Consult, Technotop et al.
  • Worldwide. We work around the world
  • Free trial. No risk – test the certificate prior to payment.


On 8 May, Google opened the .app domain registration to the general public. As the name implies, these domains are intended for application developers, but you can register a domain for any other purposes.
We have already written a piece on the fact that Google plans to mark all HTTP-sites as unsecure (i.e. not secure). A few days ago, Google took another step in this direction - starting in September 2018, Google Chrome (version 69) will remove the word "Secure" from the address bar of the browser for all HTTPS sites.

Why do we offer better value?

We are one of the strategic partners of Comodo. Every month we issue thousands of certificates all with a great discount. We share this discount with you. For example, see how much cheaper it is to buy Comodo UCC DV certificate from us rather than Comodo directly? You save $173 !

Comodo retail price
LeaderTelecom retail price
Same certificate
You save $173 !

Our clients

How can we help you?

Certificates that meet FATCA requirements


We offer certificates that are authorised by IRS

Professional technical support


We have 8 years’ experience in SSL certificates. Our managers are very professional and happy to help you on all issues

We are the official strategic partner of

LeaderTelecom is a strategic partner of Comodo Group. And a very large reseller of Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte. Our prices are very attractive, our service is excellent. As a result a lot of companies worldwide prefer to work with us.

LeaderTelecom is an official Symantec partner with the status of Symantec Website Security Solutions Specialist


We think global, act local


Our clients are located in 80 countries

Use LeaderTelecom solution for banks

Individual approach to each customer

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