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Efficient solutions for enterprises

SSL for banks


Why banks need SSL

To ensure the safety of customers' personal data, a requirement by law. Customer trust - the main growth factor
Leaders of global banks already use


SSL for online-stores


Why online stores need SSL

In order to increase customer loyalty and protect against identity theft. After installing the EV SSL-certificate sales grow by 10-40%!
Many of the successful online stores are already using EV SSL!


Install SSL-certificate for you!

No need to worry about how to install the SSL certificate.

We can do this for you quickly and easily

$82 *

*You only pay onсe. We install the SSL certificate. If it’s not possible, you will get your money back - guaranteed.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

Here are the top proof points from customers who use Norton Shopping Guarantee:

- 93% average conversion rate from trial to purchase

- 20% ROI guaranteed pricing

- 7.2% average uplift in revenue

Measured by the A/B split tests conducted during the 30 day trial period from 140 customers in 2014 with a range of $100,000 to $250,000 in monthly online sales.

Free trial 30 days


Microsoft Office 365

Office when and where you need it.

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Office 365 is ready when you are.

Choose your ideal solution

Number of users:


Dropmysite - Website Backup

Dropmysite is a cloud-based website backup and monitoring service that website owners can use independently to schedule automatic backups, monitor website availability and performance and restore lost or corrupted data in a single click.

Choose how many GB you need to backup?

Dropmyemail - Email Backup

Dropmyemail is a market-leading cloud email backup and archiving service that helps businesses and consumers backup, manage, recover and protect all of their critical data.

Choose your ideal solution

Backup plan:

$12.33 / year


Comodo HackerGuardian PCI Compliance

Comodo has simplified the PCI Scanning requirement and annual SAQ into accessible methods to help you validate your compliance. Our comprehensive PCI solutions help you every step of the way, with vulnerability reports, customised mitigation advice and the necessary documents to send to your bank. Comodo is an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).

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Web Inspector -
Inspect, Detect, Protect

Web Inspector is a cloud-based service that inspects your website for malware, detects any vulnerabilities to being attacked and protects your website from thousands of security threats, daily.

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GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan

With GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan you can rest assured that your web site is malware free as it will be scanned daily and you will be notified immediately if any malware or suspicious activity will be detected.

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