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New TLS interception warnings added in Chrome 63

Beginning from Chrome 63 release, the browser will notify users about the TLS interception occurrence, which frequently takes place during MitM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks. The release of the Chrome 63 version is scheduled for December 5, 2017.

As we mentioned earlier, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and other major browser developers are actively promoting HTTPS. Websites that decided to switch over to the HTTPS receive some advantages such as better ranking in search results, as well as a higher level of trust from visitors.

When TLS can be intercepted?

One of the common reasons for intercepting TLS is man-in-the-middle attack. In this case, the attacker acts as intermediary in the interaction between the server and the user. All transmitted data goes through the attacker, and during that stage, he can intercept, examine and easily manipulate received information in any desirable way.

Quite frequently, the user is not even aware that he was a victim of MitM-attack and all of his data is now passing through the "filter" of the attacker. Google's decision to add notifications of TLS interception will allow site administrators to act in a timely manner in order to fix existing security problems and proactively respond to potential security threats.

TLS can also be intercepted using MitM approach for a good reason. In this case, traffic interception performed for analyzing it for the presence of malicious requests and viruses. This practice is ambiguous and may not be appreciated; therefore, it is best to avoid it. In this case, Chrome will not display any warnings.

How to enable TLS interception warnings in Canary, dev versions of Chrome

You can enable TLS interception warnings right now, if you use the dev version of Chrome named Canary. This is done as follows:

  1. In the browser, select Properties.
  2. In the Target field, enter the following: "-enable-features = MITMSoftwareInterstitial".
  3. Save the changes.

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LeaderTelecom: June-August news

Summer months turned out to be quite hot for LeaderTelecom experts. The internal kitchen was just boiling - we laid the foundation for numerous improvements, innovations, and introduced several useful features, which, no doubt, will be appreciated by every customer. Keep reading to get familiar with what we worked all summer.

Development of cooperation with GlobalSign 

As a part of our ongoing initiatives for expanding our activities, as well as covering new promising areas, we've decided to collaborate with GlobalSign, which is one of the most well know certification authorities, issuing certificates with high demand worldwide.

The GlobalSign company carefully select each partner, and therefore their certificates are not available in all stores - only on the largest, responsible and trusted resellers are granted permission to resell GlobalSign issued certificates. We are very pleased to announce that we are now partnered with GlobalSign.

GlobalSign products are currently not available for order on our site; however, they will be added in the near future. Partnership with GlobalSign gives us a strong believe that a range of certificates will be wide enough to satisfy any of demand from our customers! Subscribe to our newsletter, as well as groups in social networks, to purchase SSL-certificates GlobalSign first at the best prices!

Update of alternative DCV methods (domain control validation) for Comodo certificates

We have updated alternative methods of verifying domain ownership for Comodo issued certificates on all LeaderSSL sites. Now you may choose most convenient way for you in order to verify the rights to the domain when ordering SSL certificates Comodo.

Mobile version of leadertelecom.biz

Leadtelecom.biz is now completely redesigned and looks remarkable from any device. Previously, we've been receiving feedbacks saying that some parts of our web site were not convenient to access from mobile devices. We made some important adjustments to the site code, and now site has been adapted to the screen size of any device, whether it is a mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

You are welcome to visit our new site, to experience positive changes and feel difference of working with it! 

In addition, we made numerous minor changes and improvements aimed at achieving the smooth operations of our site and the simplest and most understandable process of ordering SSL certificates. Purchase SSL certificates from leading certification authorities with LeaderSSL! 


Symantec clients (including GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL) must provide CAA in the DNS domain record

According to the latest updates of the CA/B Forum rules, which is acting as the SSL industry regulator, SSL issuing certification authority (such as Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte or RapidSSL) must be listed in the CAA DNS domain record.

Just recently, the CA /B Forum has announced their decision, which states that all certifying authorities must comply with the Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) requirement for certificate issuance process. CAA allows domain owner to point out certain certification authority or authorities, which authorized to issue SSL / TLS certificates for this particular domain. It is significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized issuance of SSL / TLS certificates for a certain domain.

How to update the DNS record for Symantec certificates

  1. Open the file with the CAA DNS zone to begin editing
  2. Right under $ ORIGIN symantecoffer.com, add a line. CAA 0 issue "symantec.com"
  3. Go to the Symantec Trust Center and open the Order Summary tab to check the status of the certificate. If the check is successful, then everything is fine. For Managed PKI for SSL, you need to contact your administrator to complete the certificate verification for the domain.

How to update the DNS record for Thawte certificates

  1. Open the file with the CAA DNS zone to begin editing.
  2. Right under $ ORIGIN thawteoffer.com, add a line. CAA 0 issue "thawte.com"
  3. Go to the Thawte Certificate Center (TCC) and open the Order Summary tab to check the status of the certificate. If the check is successful, then everything is fine.

How to update the DNS record for GeoTrust certificates

  1. Open the file with the CAA DNS zone to begin editing.
  2. Rught under $ ORIGIN geotrustoffer.com, add a line. CAA 0 issue "geotrust.com"
  3. Go to the GeoTrust Security Center and open the Order Summary tab to check the status of the certificate. If the check is successful, then everything is fine.

How to update the DNS record for RapidSSL certificates

  1. Open the file with the CAA DNS zone to begin editing.
  2. Right under $ ORIGIN rapidssl.com, add a line. CAA 0 issue "rapidssl.com"
  3. Go to the RapidSSL Partner Center and open the Order Information page to check the status of the certificate. Click on Recheck CAA. If the check is successful, then everything is fine.

Another important update concerns the indication of address information in OV and EV SSL / TLS-certificates (including code signing certificates). According to this change, consistent with the CA / B Forum requirements, state / province information is optional in case if locality is specified.

For more information about this change, please refer to a following links:

We appreciate our customers and strive to provide the most up-to-date and actual information about all changes regarding the SSL area. Subscribe to our newsletter, as well as on groups in social networks, to stay updated!

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Certification authorities were prohibited from delegating domain / IP domain ownership verification by CA / B Forum decision

Until recently, certifying authorities were able to delegate the domain/IP verification process to third-party companies. Gervase Markham (Mozilla), as well as Ryan Sleevi (Google) and Mike Reilly (Microsoft) decided to make a proposal to the CA / B Forum about forbidding such practice.

Domain / IP verification is an important part of the identity verification activities performed by certification authority. Delegating these checks significantly complicates the audit of issued SSL certificates. Third-party companies may have no proper paperwork showing how they conducted domain / IP verification and whether this process was scrupulous and transparent.

The proposed changes require making adjustments in the Baseline Requirements, explicitly defining the term "authorized third party", and removing references to the possibility of delegating domain / IP checks for certifying authorities.

The proposal was adopted by a majority vote.

If you are looking to purchase certificates from trusted certification authorities that meet the requirements of the SSL industry, you can always do so in our LeaderSSL store. 


We are now accepting Bitcoins!

We always strive to do everything possible to make our customer service truly comfortable and competitive. Customers are telling us that payment options convenience is really important to them therefore we are excited to announce that we are now accepting payment in Bitcoins!

Beginning from now you can choose to pay for your purchase at LeaderSSL store with Bitcoins, if this digital currency is suitable for you! We hope that this innovative payment option will provide you maximum flexibility in terms of payment convenience.

Bitcoin transactions are highly secure and provide high privacy protection level! All transactions should be verified by the Bitcoin network within 4 hours.

Pay for your LeaderSSL services with Bitcoins! 

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